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Machine List:
As a company we believe it is important to utilize various tools, equipment and machinery to complete tasks efficiently with the highest quality. We are able to complete small tasks or produce parts in large quantities. The following are the machines equipped at Green Machine and Tools Co. Ltd.
2 CNC Lathes-
Capacity: up to 15 dia.21 long (Leadwell, Webotower).
2 CNC Machining Centre-
Capacity: 40L x 20W x 22H; (Dajilih).
Capacity: 21L x 12W x 12H (Le Bond Makino).
3 Manual Lathes
Capacity: up to 24dia.swing.120long.
Capacity: 20dia. swing. 72long.
1 Mig Tig Arc Welder (Loncold Electric)
5 Drilling Machines-
Capacity: up to 36L x 24W (Prostar, Topwell, Ajax, Bridgeport, Cinannati).
1 Horizontal Boring Machine
1 Punch Press (100 tones)
1 Hydro Press (50 tones)
1 Cylindrical Grinder- up to 1 dia. 18long.
2 Surface Grinders-
Bed size: 14L x 8W,
Bed size: 12L x 6W,
2 Turret Lathes
1 Band Saw
1 Forklift
Capacity: up to 8000 lbs.
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